"Winter Wonderland"

This was a card that I recycled.  I love this and when I was a child I lived in a red house with dormer's on the front.  This was made from an old "Christmas card".  I love the scene.   I have a friend that I made this for and with all the snow we have had it fits right in.  I need to get it in the mail.  Hope she likes it and the buttons just made the final touches.  Hope you like it and please leave a comment because we all love comments. Two posting in one day. 

"Winter Bell"

This card was one I had on the "Craft" table that I needed to finish.  I love the snowflake and berries on the paper.  I added a cut from a "Cricut Cartridge" which I don't remember which one and some bling on the cuts of the green leaves. "Thank You" Enfys for the bling.   I found this gold easel that I have had for some time that really is nice to set the cards on to take my pictures. Hope you enjoy and I am going to try and post more this year.  Thanks to all the followers that visit my page and I would love to have you comment because we all love comments.