"Let It Snow"

This is another card using a Dearie Digi. I so love this and how appropriate that it snowed a little last night.  I hope that everyone enjoys this and please leave a comment because we all love comments. I made this in November and had it in my camera......


"Cards & Letters"

This is one of the gifts of "Christmas".. I posted several days ago a picture of envelopes to be mailed. These were my Christmas letters. This is a picture of all the "Well Wishes" of the season that I have received this year.  I love reading cards and letters from people that sometimes you don't hear from till this time of year. Hope you enjoy. Please leave a comment because we all love comments.

"Christmas Around My House"

Photo: If you look to the left after entering the front door.....This is the view.

I love to decorate and this is my favorite time of the year.  I have Christmas everywhere.  Hope you enjoy. Please leave a comment because we all love comments.

Santa Wreath

Photo: Since I was a little girl I have been in love with Santa's and snow flakes and snowmen.  This is a wreath filled with Santa's of the world and I so enjoy it every year............

I love "Santa's" and this is one of many things that I have that I love. These are special "Santa's" because each one is from a different country.  I hope you enjoy this. Most of my decorations and ornaments are "Santa's".    I posted my pictures of the decoration on FB.  My decorations of my house are at:
https://www.facebook.com/sandy.bayles.7. Please visit and hope you enjoy the pictures....................



Just a short posting for now... Worked on these for several days but they are on their way to the address on the front to spread a little
"Christmas" cheer.............I still have a few to mail next week but they will be cards...........


This is not a card just a posting. I have not posted much to this blog in the last 4 weeks because of illness in my family. I think or at least hope we are all on the mend. My decorations are almost done and the Christmas letters are in the mail. Between my parents and myself I mailed out 163.  So much for a large family.  I wanted to share the fond memories and a few of my favorite things about "Christmas".  I have always loved "Santa's" and "Snow".  So in the posting to come for this month it will be apparent of these loves. I hope you will come back and visit my house for "Christmas" along with a few cards........... Thanks for following my blog.. I am taking a short vacation so I will have lots of pictures of my home and the place in the "Mountains" I am going to........STAY TUNED!


Action Wobble Challenge

This is my first "Action Wobble" card for a challenge.  I used a DCWV card that has cups of coffee & Chocolate delights. It is glittered.  Added some ribbon.  Used my Action Wobble under the cup of "Hot Chocolate".  This was a Tag that I purchased at "Sams" in a box with more beautiful "Christmas Tags".  Added a saying from stamp set from "K. Andrew Designs".  I love the paper on this card. It sparkles and makes you want to reach out and drink the chocolate. Going to enter this at Action Wobble Challenge. Please leave a comment because we all love comments.


"Thanksgiving Wobble"

This card was such fun to make.  I used design paper on the card itself. Inside is a solid color.  The turkey was a Dearie-Dolls digi.  Then layered solid color beige. Then another design paper on top of that. The leaves are confetti foil.  Added orange ribbon and 3 sparkles.  I use a stamp from my new stamp set from Cardz TV and my friend Mary. She has some really great stamps on her blog. I am going to enter this in her challenge. Be sure and visit her blog "http://cardztv.blogspot.com".  Please leave a comment because we all love comments..............


"Hot Chocolate"

This was such an easy card but fun.  I used Kraft paper for the base and cut about and inch off the bottom of the card enough for the saying to be stamped. I use my favorite snow paper and digi from my new favorites "Dearie-Dolls" and used pop dots. I added a few snowflakes. The saying is from the "Pink Stamper" stamps and the set is "Winter Punnies". Be sure and visit her blog: http://www.mypinkstamper.com/ and see all her stamp sets.
I love "Hot Chocolate" with whipped cream on top. May have to put it on hold because we are suppose to get into the high 60"s the next 3-days. Hope you like this and please leave a comment because we all love comments.


"Just A Note"

This card was so much fun to make. I used a DCWV background card with snowflakes.  Put a white background on part of it. Cute the Dearie-Dolls digi and glued them to the card. Placed them on the card so I would have room to stamp "Just a Note" on the white portion in red.  I love this card and it was fast and easy to make. Hope you enjoy and be sure to leave a comment because we all love comments...



I made this card for a challenge over at "Cardz TV" and my friend Mary.  The card is Kraft base with light paper and red dots.  The next layer is my favorite. A word's background. I love these words. Under the digi it was Give Thanks. The digi is a  Dearie-Doll and I love it. Good luck and please leave a comment because we all love comments. 


"Christmas Card & Kraft"

This card was made for a "Challenge" over at Polka Doodles.  I love that blog. If you have not visited check it out .http://polkadoodle.blogspot.com/2012/10/week-43-christmas-card-and-add-kraft.html  If you live in the USA they have lots of different items than can be purchased here.  This card has a 
"Kraft" base which was 6 X 6.  I folded the card and cut a inch to make room for my sentiment. I used DCWV paper to put a background on it. I used a digi from "Dearie-Dolls and then added "Merry Christmas" from a stamp I got in the $1.00 bin at Michael's. I added some bling "Hearts".  This was so much fun to make and I really wanted to enter this "Challenge".  Good Luck to all and thanks "Nickky" for a great challenge. I love your CD'S.  Please leave a comment because we all love comments.



I am trying to decide what to do to increase the views to my blog. I am open for suggestions. October was a pretty good month. I came across something called "Dearie-Dolls digital pictures. I am going to try and do some cards. I have one for "Thanksgiving", and a few for  "Winter" and a few more for "Christmas".  Please stay tuned and I will try to hold your interest in my blog. I am open for suggestions and need to get back to the basic "Cricut".  I hope everyone is looking forward to the next "Holiday".  Please keep all the people that were in the path of "Sandy" in your prayers............


"Hand Made" Treats!

This is my delicious treats made especially for those who come to my door. I went to the freezer and got my favorite body parts and took my carving knife and remove the excess muscle, fingers, nails and etc. I took my wonderful "Trick Or Treat" candy and stuffed the hands with lots of goodies. I of course drained all the blood to be served in my wonderful new bat wine glasses.  So come on my little cuties and have a feast upon my wonderful "Bloodless Hand Treats".        


"My Favorite Scarecrow"

This is not a card. I had the template for this "Scarecrow" in my stash.  I decided I wanted to do something with him before "Fall" turned  to "Winter".  So I got out my markers and started to color. After I got done I cut him out and used 4 light colored brads.  Sat him in my fall foliage and this was the results.  He is so cute. Hope you enjoy and please leave a comment because we all love comments. I have to get busy on my hands stuffed with candy for the "Trick & Treats" tomorrow.

Thanks To All My Visitors!

This is not a card.  I just wanted to say "Thanks" to all the people during the month of "October" that visited my blog.  I think this is the most visitors I have ever had in one month.  I hope that "November" will be just as good. I have to decorate for "Christmas" during the month of November.  I have lots of decorations and things I want to do this month to prepare for "Christmas".  I hope you will stay tuned and visit often. I will try to make it as interesting as the past month.  I wish that all these visitors would take the time to leave a comment. It only takes a few minutes to do this and we all love comment's.........


Fall Thank You

Made this for a friends sister. She invited my family to their family reunion.  We had a really great time and her family made us feel a part of their family.  This was some old stamps I had of leaves.  The stamp pad was called "Autumn" with all different colors. Please leave a comment because we all love comments.


Another Special Halloween Card

This is my third "Halloween" card for another special little girl "Lexi".  I hope she likes this card. I love the bat paper and the Web which was cut on my Cricut machine.  The witch is a foam embellishment.  The sentiment is from K & Co.   This was a fun card to make and I hope she likes it.  Please leave a comment because we all love comments. 

Special Halloween Cards

These are two cards made for 2 special little girls.  Emily and Ashley these are on their way to Ohio. I also put in a bunch of "Halloween" stickers.  Hope you like them.  We love you both. Have a great "Halloween".  Made with dollies and embellishment's.
Please leave a comment because we all love comments.



This card was made for a "Challenge" at Cardz TV.  I had the "BOO" in my scraps.  Not sure the cartridge.  I love the bat paper. I cut the card so when opened up the Boo still shows.  The vampire on the front has a button on the right side that you push and the light travels from the vampire to the bats in red flickers. I hope you enjoy this card. Please leave a comment because we all love comments.

Next Decoration..............

This will end the inside look at "Fall" at my house.  The fireplace is a favorite place of mine to decorate.  I have a turkey and another one right under the tall one. I have a ceramic pumpkin in white with holes to put a tea light in. On top of the mantel is a light up gourd and a pumpkin heat that lights also.  The desk on the other side of the room has a "Spooky" motel from department 56.  The street lights have "Crows" on top of them. All lights up.  Hope you enjoyed the visit to my home.  Tomorrow I have a "Boo" card that I am going to enter in a challenge. Hope you enjoyed the tour and please leave a comment because we all love comments.


Ohio Road Trip

Let's skip to the "October Road Trip".  On our trip to Ohio to see my mother-in-law who lives in Galion, Ohio. A small Ohio town about an hour north of Columbus, Ohio and is close to Mansfield, Ohio.  The trip up is full of small towns and flat farming country. Galion is off of interstate 71. After you leave the interstate it is about a 30-45 minute drive.  This use to be a booming industrial town in the 60's and 70's. Most of the industry as gone to the wayside like a lot of other small towns. The special thing that stands out about this town to me is the houses are decorated outside for fall and Halloween and neatly kept. The drive after leaving the interstate is so pretty. They have had rain this year and the trees are so bright with all the fall colors.  I hope you enjoy this posting and the next ones I will continue with my house and Halloween........Please leave a comment because we all love comments.



These are my cheap buildings that came from Walmart.. This was a special for about $20.00.  These are lighted buildings. I added some leave from a punch in yellow and orange.  The tree is from Department 56. Black felt with sparkles to set the village on.  The tree has a spooky ghost hanging......Hope you enjoy and come back for another posting soon..... Please leave a comment because we all love comments.


Welcome To My Home In October.........

When you open my front door you see a screen with pictures of my family. In October you will see my geese and lots of fall colors. If you look to the right after you enter the door you will see my dining room. I love fall colors.  I have lots of decorations that I put up.  Hope you enjoy and come back tomorrow to see more..........Please leave a comment because we all love comments.


"Road Trip"

No pictures on this posting. Busy getting ready for a road trip to Ohio. I will be sure and take lots of pictures. So come back and enjoy the road trip with me. I will have my laptop and hope to find time to post some pictures. If not I will have plenty to post when I get back. Have to be sure and pack my "warm clothes".  I will try and work in some October house pictures if possible.


"Fall Ya All"

I have been having computer problems and sorry I did not get to post sooner.  Before you look inside my house I though I would look outside. Yesterday was a wonderful "Autumn Day" we went to the lake and back. Still working on that boat. Hope to have it finished soon. I love this card. Soon we will all be racking those beautiful colored leaves. I had fun doing this card.  The window is a cut from "Spring Cottage".  Love the background paper.  A few flowers, ribbon and a saying completed the card. Please leave a comment because we all love comment. Be sure and come back tomorrow to enter the door to my home and see the October decorations.............


October In Corbin, Kentucky

This is my front door decorated with a "Fall" wreath. The flowers are my 87 years old Dad's.  He has them planted around his house which is an addition on the back of my house. The colors are bright and beautiful.............Hope you enjoy and next posting we will be going inside my house.........Please leave a comment because we all love comments.



Before I continue on with Fall at my house. I needed to post this card so I can mail it tomorrow.  My mom is 84 years young and she lost her brother in September. I always have a hard time making these type of cards. My Aunt loves birds. I love B&W cards with just a little color. The saying on the outside and inside are from Kristal Andrews stamp set. I love this set of stamp and use it when I am at a loss for words. Please leave a comment because we all love comments. The adventure of Fall at my house starts tomorrow. Hope you will come back and visit...



Were do you get your inspiration? Good question.  I do several crafting magazines. The latest is Cricut! This was the goodies I received when I subscribed to the magazine. Lot's of paper and goodies. Love it. Leave me a comment an let me know where you get your inspiration. Stay tuned..



I am going to post things a little different in the month of October. It will be lots of different things......From October around my house to hopefully a few cards.  So please stay tuned to my blog and see different things starting on October 1st.  I hope that you will come back and visit and leave comments. See you in the month of October.......................


"A Different Christmas Card"

This was a real challenge for me. Enfys at "Going Buggy" really did a good job on this challenge. It was to make a Christmas Card with no red or green.  This was a strange thing to do because everything I had was red or green.  The base card is a square black card. The gold is K & Co. die cut paper single sided. The round is made out of  leopard paper with a gold die cut embossed tree with bling in 
orange and gold. Around the oval is looped thread. The stamp was a "Michael's" special. Glued a few hearts on it and this is the result.
Hope you enjoy it and please leave a comment because we all love comments... 


"Poppy Happy Birthday"

This card was so much fun.  I subscribed to a new craft magazine which I did not need another one.  I have been looking at this one on line for sometime. I finally got the issue an it took forever to cash my check.  In the UK their October issue is out and for some reason I got sent 2 August issues.  I got fee stamps and this was one of them. "Poppies" don't you just love it. The paper on the base white card was from a pad that I got at "Big Lots" another bargain. The tag was one made and covered with red polka dot paper. I used a fabric covered button and my wonderful made butterfly.
The magazine is " Cardmaking and Papercrafts" from the UK.  I hope to get my back issue and current one before next year. Please leave a comment because we all love comments.


"Best Friends"

I love these hats and the card just came together and I had this pink sticker that said "Best Friends".  Love the way it just went together. Hope you enjoy and please leave a comment because we all love comments.........


"Disney World"

This card was made for a very special girl.  Bug hope you enjoy your trip to "Disney World" and have lots of fun and make lots of memories.  We love you. I had some Disney paper and punch outs so I thought what a great time to use them. Hope you enjoy and please leave a comment because we all love comments!


Girls Just Want To Have Fun!

I made this card for a challenge over at "Going Buggy". This was a girlie challenge.  I printed this paper off the Internet and pop dotted matching items, perfume bottle, purse, hat, lips. This set also had sayings so I used "Party".  The stamp was from my favorite set of K.Andrews which I use a lot. How much more girlie can a "Fashionista" be. Good Luck to everyone and thanks for the challenge. It has been a long time since I posted and hope my followers will forgive me and not desert me.....Hope you enjoy and please leave a comment because we all love comments.


Popcorn Bear's "Christmas In July"

I love a challenge so this card was something different and outside the box.   This came from "Paper Craft Magazine". I downloaded from the Christmas Collection Popcorn the Bear. This care was done in layers.  I had 8 layers that had to be glued on top of each other and placed just right.  I used brads on both side of the saying.  This card was fun to make and I love Popcorn Bear.  Hope you enjoy and please leave a comment because we all love comments.

July "One Last Celebration"

This is the last "July Celebration" card that I will be doing. I love the paper and all the glitter. I could not resist one more card. Hope you enjoy and please leave a comment because we all love comments.


July "Going Out With A Bang"

This is a different take on the same "Digi".  I had these card on my craft table and thought I might try and finish them before July was over.  These were so much fun to make. I love the little girl and boy. I added a little bling and this was the results. I like the one on white better. Hope you enjoy and please leave a comment because we all love comments.

First Snow (Cardz TV & Going Buggy)

This is my first posting in a long time.  Mary at Cardz TV had a challenge going on about Snowmen and Snowflakes. I missed the challenge by one day. So she has a team challenge on her blog so I am going to enter this card. It is a "Anything Goes".  I had this snowman design from one of my Craft Magazines and use colored markers and lots of "bling".  I have a lot of silver snow flakes so I kind of went a little "wacky" with them. Also entered the card over at "Going Buggy" in the "Under The Weather" challenge.
 Hope you enjoy and good luck to all that enter. Please leave a comment because we all love comments.....


Butterfly Kisses

This card was made for the challenge over at "Cardz TV". which is anything goes.  I used her "Butterfly Kisses " stamp from the Spring set. I love this set the possibilities are endless. The fence was cut from the cartridge "Spring Cottage".  The flowers were cut from the CD "Sundae Of Seasons" from Polka Doodles" which is a favorite of Enfys at "Going Buggy".  I love the colors and and butterfly of course is my favorite thing to use on cards. Hope you enjoy the card and please leave a comment because we all love comments.


This was a card made for my cousins son's graduation from high school.  I hope he likes it which I am sure he will because it had 2 checks in it. Hope you enjoy. Please leave a comment because we all love comments.


"Those We Love"

This card was made for a dear friend who lost her husband. The main colors are black and white. The stamp was from Kristal Andrew's stamps. The inside also has 2 more of her stamps. It says inside "They walk beside us every day" and then I stamped "With Deepest  Sympathy". The stamp set is "Sympathic Sayings"
I used some of my butterflies and flowers with bling....
These type of cards are never easy to made and I have made 2 in the last 2 weeks. Hope you enjoy the card and please leave a comment because we all love comments........


Polka Doodles "Happy Birthday"

This card was made for a challenge over at Polka Doodles. It is their 3rd birthday. Be sure and visit there blog and order one of their CD'S. They are great. Had to be a birthday card and use 3 of anything. I choice "Hearts". The punch was MS.  The "Happy Birthday" was cut from "Hello Kitty" cartridge. Good Luck to everyone. Hope you like it and please leave a comment because we all love comments.

Buzzing By To Say Hi!

This was made to enter in a challenge over at "Going Buggy". This was made from a CD. The CD is Sundae Of Seasons which is Enfys favorite CD. It has everything to make lots of projects. Paper, digit's colored and not colored.  I love the bee's...Hope you like it and feel free to comment because we all love comments.


Sympathy In Purple

I love this card with all the purples and greens. I made this for a dear friend of ours who lost her Mom last week.  The flowered dolly background came from the "Mother's Day" cartridge. The punched hearts are from MS punch. The flowers are from K & Co. which is a favorite of mine. The butterfly is from a punch. The stamp is from the Sympathy set of K. Andrews. The inside has 2 more sayings from that same set. I hope you enjoy it. It is so hard to make this type of card for me. Please leave a comment because we all love comments.


"Berry Sweet"

This card was made for a wonderful friend who sent me 2 Circut Cartridge's in the mail. Thanks so very much! I wanted to sent a special card to her. She does a lot of work with animals and has one of the kindest hearts that I know. The digi was one I had on my computer. The paper was in my scrap box along with the oval shaped background that was cut from the Circut just not sure what cartridge I used.  The saying was made on my computer. I added my butterfly and its ready to mail. I hope she likes it. Please leave a comment because we all love comments.