"Let It Snow"

This is another card using a Dearie Digi. I so love this and how appropriate that it snowed a little last night.  I hope that everyone enjoys this and please leave a comment because we all love comments. I made this in November and had it in my camera......


"Cards & Letters"

This is one of the gifts of "Christmas".. I posted several days ago a picture of envelopes to be mailed. These were my Christmas letters. This is a picture of all the "Well Wishes" of the season that I have received this year.  I love reading cards and letters from people that sometimes you don't hear from till this time of year. Hope you enjoy. Please leave a comment because we all love comments.

"Christmas Around My House"

Photo: If you look to the left after entering the front door.....This is the view.

I love to decorate and this is my favorite time of the year.  I have Christmas everywhere.  Hope you enjoy. Please leave a comment because we all love comments.

Santa Wreath

Photo: Since I was a little girl I have been in love with Santa's and snow flakes and snowmen.  This is a wreath filled with Santa's of the world and I so enjoy it every year............

I love "Santa's" and this is one of many things that I have that I love. These are special "Santa's" because each one is from a different country.  I hope you enjoy this. Most of my decorations and ornaments are "Santa's".    I posted my pictures of the decoration on FB.  My decorations of my house are at:
https://www.facebook.com/sandy.bayles.7. Please visit and hope you enjoy the pictures....................



Just a short posting for now... Worked on these for several days but they are on their way to the address on the front to spread a little
"Christmas" cheer.............I still have a few to mail next week but they will be cards...........


This is not a card just a posting. I have not posted much to this blog in the last 4 weeks because of illness in my family. I think or at least hope we are all on the mend. My decorations are almost done and the Christmas letters are in the mail. Between my parents and myself I mailed out 163.  So much for a large family.  I wanted to share the fond memories and a few of my favorite things about "Christmas".  I have always loved "Santa's" and "Snow".  So in the posting to come for this month it will be apparent of these loves. I hope you will come back and visit my house for "Christmas" along with a few cards........... Thanks for following my blog.. I am taking a short vacation so I will have lots of pictures of my home and the place in the "Mountains" I am going to........STAY TUNED!