Special Card For My Aunt

   This card was request by my aunt in Northern Kentucky. She loves red cardinals. Special thanks to my friend Marcie who sent me the birds she punched out with her punch.  I have been MIA and not posted since Nov. 11th. I hope to get to make more cards after the Holidays.  I also used bling to make the red berries and the eyes of the bird. I purchased some flower soft in Polar White and used it to get the snow effect.  I used a sticker for the word Winter.  I hope it shows up.
I hope you enjoy the card and I love your comments.......


  1. Sandy
    This is gorgeous. Love it.

  2. One more thing..forgot to tell you I really like the snow picture...you should post more if you can. We got just a thin dusting this morning. Looks like we will be back in the 50's ... miss the snow. Would be nice to have a little bit.

  3. Hi there. Nice to see you back! The card turned out very nice..am sure she will love it.
    The flower soft is a nice touch!
    Like the snow picture at the top. We had just a dusting this morning but it is now gone. Looks like we will be back in the 50's! I wish we could have a little snow..adds to the holidays.
    Post some more picture of your snow if you can

  4. Your Aunt is going to love this card........its so pretty! I need to buy some flower soft, I really like the effect it created. Nice to see you are not MIA any more!

  5. Very pretty card! I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday!

  6. This card is amazing... just beautifully amazing.. it took my breath away!!