Happy Birthday

 My neighbor wanted me to do 2 cards for her. This is for a little girl that loves "Ladybugs".  I just happened to have one already cut out from the "Just Because" cartridge. I love the black background paper it makes the bug show up really great. Added a little bling and a wiggle eye that has an eyebrow on it. These eyes are so cute.
Hope you like it and be sure and leave a comment because we all love comments.


  1. I like lady bugs,,I sometimes go buy them at garden centers..to place in my garden if i do not have as many that year..some years we have lots..and they get in the house..other years not so many...so they are natures way of getting rid of the bad bugs..I would buy them in containers of 500 lady bugs...

    great card

  2. Sandy, I like Ladybugs too. This is a cute card and any little girl would love it. Good job on both cards.

  3. Very cute Sandy......I felt the lady bug was looking straight at me with those googly eyes!