Walmart Bargins...............

Everyone is always talking about "Bargain's". I seem to miss the most of them living in a small town with one place to get things. I made some "Hello Kitty" invites for my neighbors little girls birthday party.  She called me last week and said she stopped at the "Walmart" in Williamsburg, Ky. and said they had cartridges for $10.00.  She was on her way to Knoxville Tn.  I was getting ready for a reunion and though another lost opportunity.  Tom said lets go. So we hopped in the car and went about 15 miles down the road to Walmart not our Walmart.  They were remolding and had almost all the crafts on sale..... This stash cost me $120.00.  I got the mats for $9.00 and 6 cartridges for $60.00 and the bling is Jolee's Boutique which is usually $3.00 which was .50 off each pack and I got 7 packs.  I got 2 tape refills and 2 packs of deep blades which I don't think were on sale but cheaper than ordering the.  I was just happy with everything. Its so great to not have missed the cartridges............. Don't forget to look at my last posting below this posting..........


  1. Great haul!


  2. Wonderful Sandy! Can't wait to see what you create with all those carts! I did get some of the 97 cent items that Mary posted about but no sale cartridges at all. Doing the happy dance for ya!
    I like the cute little teacup card..good job!
    Hugs Marcie

  3. AHHH! I would LOVE to get a few of those for $10 each....would you consider getting some and shipping them to me?! So glad you visited so that I could find your blog-love the car above-I'm your newest follower! HUGS! ~Brynn