Second "Treehouse" Question?

Several people said that the first thing you see when you open the door is a pot  belly stove. Well that was not the case but to the right when you open the door you do see a pot belly stove. The sad part is it is not connected and is just for decor. The rockers are real and very comfortable.  To the left of the door when you enter is the kitchen which had all the modern conveniences of any other kitchen except for one difference which was the kitchen sink was:
a.  It was in the shape of a bathtub
b.  It was in the shape of an old washtub
c.  It was wood carved around a beautiful antique bowl
I hope that you are enjoying this and share with your blogger's. I have lots of views and not many messages. Enjoy and I will be back to do another question along with the answer to this one. HAVE FUN!



  1. This is fun...I am looking forward to another round. I think it's
    b. It was in the shape of an old washtub

  2. When I think of my Grandpa's old OLD house in Oklahoma I think of the old metal tub that many things had be cleaned in - including me as a child!! So I am going to pick the washtub.
    Sandy this is fun and look forward to more pictures...

  3. Hi Sandy, this is so much fun! Ok, for this one I'd love to see wood carved around an antique bowl????? I'm just going with things I like...and I think thats the unusual!
    I love your fall card too.......those leaves are really pretty!

  4. Sandy glad you had fun..cabin is awesome...