"Washtub Sink"

Thanks for all the ones that have been playing along with my "Mini Vacation" game. The sink was an old washtub answer "B". When you turn on the faucet on the sink the water comes out the pump spout.......Cool! and definately different......
I will be back soon with another picture. I have so many people that look at my blog and only a few comments. To those people "Thanks for leaving comments". We all love comments....................


  1. Wow that is just sweet! What a creative mind someone had for that. I remember my Grandpa had a pump like that in the kitchen by the large rectangle tin sink. Had a bit of water to prim it and then you pumped away...oh the memories!
    Thanks Sandy!!

  2. The treehouse cabin looks so awesome! My parents have a pump like that in their yard for decoration...how cool that this one actually works!! :)


  3. I love the rustic charm of the cottage, you must have really enjoyed your stay. What a great idea, great old pump too! Hope to see more pics soon. I've been really busy getting ready for our trip. I think your cold weather is going to be a shock to our systems...Ha ha ha

  4. What a cool sink!!! I love it!