I am trying to decide what to do to increase the views to my blog. I am open for suggestions. October was a pretty good month. I came across something called "Dearie-Dolls digital pictures. I am going to try and do some cards. I have one for "Thanksgiving", and a few for  "Winter" and a few more for "Christmas".  Please stay tuned and I will try to hold your interest in my blog. I am open for suggestions and need to get back to the basic "Cricut".  I hope everyone is looking forward to the next "Holiday".  Please keep all the people that were in the path of "Sandy" in your prayers............

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  1. Hey Sandy, I want to get back to the cricut too! Have you ever posted cricut stuff on the cricut message board? I have found people can visit your blog more and follow. I've been a bit busy to do it lately .