This is not a card just a posting. I have not posted much to this blog in the last 4 weeks because of illness in my family. I think or at least hope we are all on the mend. My decorations are almost done and the Christmas letters are in the mail. Between my parents and myself I mailed out 163.  So much for a large family.  I wanted to share the fond memories and a few of my favorite things about "Christmas".  I have always loved "Santa's" and "Snow".  So in the posting to come for this month it will be apparent of these loves. I hope you will come back and visit my house for "Christmas" along with a few cards........... Thanks for following my blog.. I am taking a short vacation so I will have lots of pictures of my home and the place in the "Mountains" I am going to........STAY TUNED!

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  1. So looking forward to seeing the photo's Sandy! Happy to hear you are feeling better.