"Sew Special Birthday Card"

This was such a fun card to make.  My mother-in-law in Ohio has a birthday this month and I wanted to do something special.  I love anything in a card to do with sewing.  I also have a wonderful magazine that inspires me more than the "Cricut Magazines from Northridge which I still love.  This magazine is "Cardmaking & PaperCraft from the UK.  I get an issue every 2 months.  This magazine always has a set of stamps and lots of neat paper.  This was the "January" issue.  The paper, stamps, and the sayings all came from what I got and this issue. The buttons came from Walmart and the thread I already had to wind around the spools which was in the stamp set.
The only things that was mine was the "Happy Birthday" stamp and the dress form which I had already made up and just covered it to match the paper.  The stamp set also included a dress form but I did not use it because I had one made up. Hope she likes it.  Please leave a comment because we all love comments.


  1. Love your card and the papers are pretty,

  2. I love it...great job my friend.
    Am sure she will love it.
    Hugs, Marcie

  3. Just Beautiful Sandy! Love the dress form .....Perfect! I often by that mag....love the free stamps and paper. I downloaded the pretty butterfly paper on fb too.