This is not a card posting today.  I have not been able to post for sometime. We have had sickness in the family and thing are looking up.  I have several things I am working on. I am trying to clean out the scraps in my scrap box.  I have lots of things in the scrap box.  So starting this week I will be posting a couple of cards that I am working on and then the scrap postings will start.  Thanks to all my bloggers that follow me and I hope you will not give up on me because I have postings coming ....."HAPPY SPRING".  Please leave a comment because we all love them and they don't take that long to do.
Sandy Bayles

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  1. Look forward to what you have coming up Sandy. I hope your dad is doing better now. Love the picture you put on face book.....so pretty. I must visit in spring!!?