Mommy To Be

I made this for a "Special" Mommy to Be.  I did not post this card until she had received it. This is made for "Jessica".  She is a part of this family and is expecting on 9/23/2013 if not before.  This is a difficult time for her because she lost her husband in September.  I wish her the best and wanted her to know that she is loved by both family and friends. Little "A" is such  a lucky little boy and he is not even arrived yet.  Ryan, will be missed and life is not easy for her at this time in her life.  Loss is never easy.  She has wonderful memories and future ones that will be filled with love and joy and most of all hope.  Best Wishes and Love for her and Baby "A".  This is truly a card that was made with "Hope & Love".  Remember you have a "Guardian Angel watching over you just as I do.

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