Christmas With Recycled Christmas Cards From Christmas Past...#1

Before I received by Cricut I loved cards.  I have been recycling Christmas cards for years.  I make tags for my gifts.  Each year when I take the display down I tear off the backs and save the front.  I then cut off the parts that would make a good tag for gifts.
I took card stock and made the basic card, used Christmas paper for the background and then the recycled part of the card.  In the next several days I will be posting more cards that are made from recycled old Christmas Card.  I hope everyone will enjoy these cards and be inspired to recycle old ones.


  1. Oh Sandy - what a fun idea! That is a good idea and look at the lovely card! Will have to re-think some of the cards we get this year.

    Hugs, Marcie

  2. When I was a child our family always made tags for Christmas presents using the cards from the year before. It was a fun craft and a good way to save money and recycle. Your cards bring back a lot of memories!