Easter Bunny With Hearts!

Easter Time Again...............I hope you are all not getting tired of all my "Easter Cards". This was a simple card. The paper for the back ground is all bunnies in pink and white. The background for the bunny was plain pink. I added an embellished bunny with glitter ears, belly, and heart shaped nose holding a carrot. Happy Easter was a stamp I picked up at Big Lots or Michael's a long time ago.  The pink hearts just seemed to go with his heart nose.  I must tell you about the base of this card. I was in Michael's and came across these enveloped with cards. They have a beautiful pearl like finish. No where on the package did it say "Post Cards". So this is a post card. I will be using these a lot because I bought several packs in several colors. So buyers beware. Hope you Hop by again soon. I just got 2 sets of stamps but I am not telling where until I get my cards done. So come back soon. Please leave a comment because we all love comments.


  1. So very cute.....love the bunny background paper!

  2. Love the cards you have done for Easter!! Bunnies, chicks, eggs, flowers...gotta love them all.
    Thanks for sharing with us! Good job my friend!
    Hugs, Marcie